• Question: why do you want to be an acheolegest

    Asked by 856pang22 to Jena on 16 Nov 2016.
    • Photo: Jennifer Bates

      Jennifer Bates answered on 16 Nov 2016:

      I’ve always wanted to know what was life like in the past? Helping in the garden or walking on the beach I was always finding things like bits of pottery or nails, or sometimes even arrow heads if I was very very lucky, and I wanted to know more about where they came from and what they could tell us about the people that made them. When I was 7 we moved house and there was a hill at the bottom of it and, with a friend, I dug a trench in it and found a pot. It wasn’t pretty, it was burnt and full of white bits (shell used to hold the clay together, called a ‘temper’), so I took it to my local archaeologist to find out more and she told me it was Iron Age, and probably a cooking pot, and that was it, I was hooked! I wanted to find out what people were cooking two or even three thousand years ago so went to help her on her excavations and since then I’ve been an archaeologist!